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Warped 2019

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Co-PI on Placemaking Initiative to enact social change.
PI: Kim Yasuda (UCSB), Co-PIs: Shannon Jackson (UCB), Jennifer Parker (UCSC), Brett Snyder (UCD).Read more.
Logo by Brett Snyder.

Warped 2019 thumbnail

Warped 2019

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Makerfaire 2019

Series of interactive projects from DES 157, Interactive Media II, under the umbrella topic of Design for Diversity.

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Freemotion embroidery tribute to the women who write and/or sing the songs that celebrate women. Superyonic!
By the Cliterates Collective.
Exhibited at the Jay Jay Gallery
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Large-scale, site-specific, interactive installation that immerses children and their caregivers in a visual experience that is dazzled in color, light and reflection.
With Jiayi Young.
Exhibited at the Crocker Art Museum
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Exit Through the Bathroom

DES 225, Studio Practice in Design, exhibition of interactive, "queer" studio apartment based on the 2017-2018 Campus Community Book Project, Redefining Realness by Janet Mock.
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Postcard design by Adam Flint Taylor.

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Out of Bounds

Media-archaeological statement on the futility (and injustice) of borders, again and again and again.
With Jesse Drew
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Mind Grown

Exhibition addresses issues all along the food chain, made in DES 225, Studio Practice in Design, based on the 2016-2017 Campus Community Book Project, Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System by Raj Patel. The projects from production to consumption, and touch on concerns that include labor practices, health and nutrition, local food programs, the meat industry, and social aspects of dining.
Postcard by Jenni Cadieux.
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Series of sassy handkerchiefs for women.
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Young Designers

Portraits of undergraduate design majors taken just before they graduate, with an object that inspires their creativity...a project of love.

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Party of Eight

Time-based photography portraits create a motion-based, asynchronous gallery of contemporary food service workers from a wide gamut of restaurant establishments.
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Central Drive

Video installation considers the compression of time and space represented by California’s Interstate 5, particularly its passage through the Central Valley.
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Sexual Violence 2.013

Interactive visual database crowdsources an evolving definition of "sexual violence."

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Feminism 2.013

Video installation highlights the views of five young women representing an emerging generation of new feminists in consideration of "rape culture."

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Davis Media Access Postcards

Series of illustrated postcards to encourage community media participation and donations.

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Back of the House

Large- and small-scale panoramic photographs of industrial kitchens and kitchen workers, printed on canvas.

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Co-PI on range of interactive projects altering the way energy is experienced by consumers in order to reduce energy use and emissions.
Image of thesis project by Hannah Park.
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Karen Karnes Kiosk

Interactive kiosk exploring the life and work of Karen Karnes (ceramacist), made in DES 157, Interactive Media II.

Double Vision

Poster for Occupy Movement, in response to the pepper spray incident of peaceful protestors at UC Davis.
With Jesse Drew.
Published by media outlets worldwide.

U R What U Eat

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Party of Eight

Time-based photography project. Portraits create a motion-based, asynchronous gallery of contemporary food service workers from a wide gamut of restaurant establishments. Viewers are invited to hear the concerns, hopes and dreams of people who hoist the trays, clear the tables and wash the dishes; displayed ala "portrait hall style." Portraits shown in black and white and stereo-video.
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Suburban Chicken

Viewmaster reel portraits of Davis chickens with their owners.

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Keep on Truckin'

Time-based portraits of truckdrivers speaking on the work of truckdriving and the importance of California's Central Valley to the US.
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Mirror Mirror

Interactive video database using motion detection that poses as foggy mirror that gives personalized messages of love.

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Love Me, Kiss Me

Interactive installation using live camera data, motion detection and projection. Participants are followed and “kissed” by animated lips.

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Be My Valentine

Interactive database based on candy valentines. Participants are prompted to create virtual, interactive candy hearts with personalized messages.

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Still Life with Motion

Motion-sensitive, interactive video installation. Projected images reflect dichotomy of goods and evils, polarities every society has to come to grips with. Default image is a randomly changing video tableau of dryland fires, oil refineries, landfill and environmental and social destruction. Polar images of wind turbines, ecological agriculture and social amelioration can only erase their opposites through the massing of bodies in the public space (potentially urban streets) before it or through vigorous motion.

Melissa Chandon

Eight-minute video portrait of an artist. Uses a cinematic style that references the notable minimalist style with which Chandon paints, visual explorations describe location, object and the process of creative research and making.

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Direct Quote: Women Speak Out on the Palin Nomination

Women respond to a community call to make statements on (against) the Palin nomination to counter the media narrative that "all women support Palin."

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Hands That Feed

Series of five trading cards that consider and celebrate the role of immigrant labor in the US food economy.
Reviewed in Bitch Magazine.

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Mano a la Boca (Hand to Mouth)

Video installation considers immigrant workers as “alien hands” and “faceless” to general public. Referencing field labor work, viewers stoop bent back to view video monitors held by “planted,” mechanical hands.

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Extranjero Manos (Alien Hands)

Series of re-labeled agricultural sacks with graphics and message that reads, "Behind every kitchen door, the US is fed by alien hands."

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\ UN / RAV \ EL /

Interactive exploration considers range of textile innovations, from industrial revolution to local trends of San Francisco; from machine-made to hand-made to child-made.

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Bodies In Motion

Live video projection explores movement in consideration of surveillance technology and culture.

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Rocket's Alphabet

Screen-based, interactive alphabet.

Where Have All The Flowers Gone thumbnail

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Video database explores cultural semiotics of color.
Collaborative project with Valerie Soe.

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Mission Window

Installation with digital projection explores internal and external space within the context of one San Francisco apartment building.

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Performance project explores the Philippine American War and effects of “struggle” on Bay Area Filipino youth.

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Teller Machine

Installation explores political economy through familiar interface of an ATM machine.
Collaboration with Jesse Drew.

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The Paper Tiger TV-ROM

Explores the history of Paper Tiger Television, as well as history of media and communications.

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A Space: The Final Frontier

Experimental documentary addresses parking issues in San Francisco.

Who Owns the Internet thumbnail

Who Owns the Internet

Window installation exploring privatization of media.

Hired, Tired, Fired thumbnail

Hired, Tired, Fired

Mock magazine covers critically and humorously address the prevalence of white males in the high-tech industry and suspicious absence of women and people of color.

Finally Got the News thumbnail

Finally Got The News

A Paper Tiger Television monthly, alternative look at news. Investigative, humorous, insightful critique of/alternative to, conventional news.

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Welcome to the Crossroads

Window installation explores ownership of communications and public access.

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The Single Tingle

Experimental, super-8, interactive film exploring women's stories of discovering their sexuality and common myths about masturbation.

Being Some Body thumbnail

Being Some Body

Experimental, optically printed, 16mm film exploring body image and the media.